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Q: What Services Have You Used And What Do They Mean To You?

The after-school program helps my kids with their homework it’s a place where they feel safe.

Food Pantry, Homework Club. Food Pantry means a lot to me because when I need food they are always there to provide food for my family. 2. Home work club helps my kids do better in school and helps them with their homework and projects.

with their homework it’s a place where they feel safe.”

Homework Club, Summer Camp Program. HW Club program means a lot to me and my kids because at homework club they get to do their homework and be with friends and they also get help with other school projects that I don’t know how to help them with. Summer Camp is a place to be in the summer were kids can enjoy themselves and be with friends and stay safe.

with their homework it’s a place where they feel safe.”

Food Pantry, Homework Club. Northeast Community Center has helped me with completing paperwork and documents I wasn’t able to do on my own, making copies, and it’s just overall been a great help for me, my family and friends.

NECC Homework Club has been so helpful and supports my family and for that I am grateful.

NECC means the world to me! It has helped the kids stay out of trouble and have a place to be. Homework Club is a second home for my kids where they feel safe and loved.

I have used the Homework Club, Food Pantry, Summer Camp, Christmas Gifts and Thanksgiving meal distributions. NECC has also helped my family when we had a house fire. NECC has been so awesome and generous to my family. They mean the world to me and my kids! NECC is a place were the community can come when they need help. It’s like a second home for my kids where they are loved and cared for and they feel safe and supported. Thank you for all you guys do!

I have used the Food Panty, Homework Club, and Summer camp. The Food Bank has helped my family with food. Homework Club helps my kids complete their homework and they do fun activities. I don’t think I could make it without their services. Thank you!





NECC Homework Club has helped my grandkids with their homework and school projects. I like it because it allows them to spend time with friends.